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About DSS

Who We Are

We are a group of dynamic individuals working together to achieve extraordinary results. Combining business acumen with technical expertise, DSS has been delivering sustainable solutions in data and process management for our clients since 2009. Our clients range from small businesses to multinational corporations from various industries such as chemical, automotive, energy, pharmaceutical and manufacturing.

What Drives Us

Ultimately, we are driven to succeed! We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and be a catalyst for positive change. Our goal is to deliver unprecedented value through our solutions, enabling our clients to achieve their goals. We are defined by the dedication to our craft, the accuracy of our execution and our level of customer-oriented service.

Our Solutions


  • Dashboards/Reporting
  • Data Analysis/Mining
  • Data Warehouse
  • Predictive Analytics

Data is growing exponentially and the effort to manage it, let alone harness its potential, becomes increasingly more challenging. DSS works together with its client to develop a strategy resulting in a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

DSS believes in delivering the right data, to the right people, in the frequency that is necessary for informed decisions to be made. Too often, BI is geared towards leadership, but decisions are being made daily throughout every level of an organization. DSS focuses on delivering the relevant actionable intelligence to each of these levels to enable an organization to operate as one cohesive unit.


  • Web Applicatons
  • Desktop Applications
  • Database Development
  • Software as a Service

Custom-developed software can enable organizations to achieve the highest levels of operational efficiency. DSS supports its clients in this endeavor by not only developing the software, but often working closely with our clients to define the requirements.

We believe in a highly collaborative process that involves extensive dialogue and feedback. We leverage multiple iterations, PoCs, and MVPs to further our discussions. We strive to deliver a product that achieves the requirements of the business, is simple and intuitive for the user, and maximizes the ROI.


  • Process Mapping
  • Process Management Tools
  • Process Automation
  • System Integration

Productivity gains through the constant pursuit and implementation of process improvements is the key to sustaining growth and profitability. DSS supports its clients in identifying these opportunities and implementing solutions to eliminate waste and add value.

In many cases, disparate systems give rise to process gaps that lead to inefficient and highly manual workarounds. DSS helps organizations bridge these gaps by developing tools that support automation and enable seamless integration, minimizing the need for manual effort or eliminating it altogether.

Our Products

Increase visibility and productivity with solutions built on Constellation

Constellation is a web-based productivity platform for the rapid deployment of cost-effective solutions for process improvements and business intelligence.

Constellation brings together data, people, and processes enhancing visibility and enabling organizations to harness the collective energy that boosts productivity and achieves objectives.

Real-time reporting, integrated workflows, JIT data delivery, and intuitive design are some of the many features of Constellation.

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We leverage the latest open-source technologies to deliver the most advanced and cost-effective solutions

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